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Ugh, okay. So this is my first fanfic. Sorry if I'm not really good at this. I write anything that appeared on my mind. D:

Title: In The End, There Were None [Chapter 1]
Pairing: InooDai (Inoo centric) and mentions Hey!Say!JUMP's members.
Words Count: 1,570
Genre: Psychological(?), Romance, A bit of angst, Slice of life
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Grammatical errors. English is not my mother language D:
Disclaimer: The title is inspired by Inoo Kei's recent drama, but the whole story is completely different. I only own the plot.
Summary: Something seems wrong with Inoo; everyone tells him that he is sick, but he doesn't feel the same way. He is fine, completely fine. Only Daichan, a beautiful man he met a month ago, who agrees with Inoo.


"Well, in my opinion, I'm not sick. I don't even feel like I'm going to throw up everything that I just ate 10 minutes ago. No. I'm completely fine, but everyone keeps telling me that I'm sick. And then, I met Daichan, the only person who believe that I'm not sick."


"Inoochan! Wake up! Your class started at 10 am, right?"

"Inoochan, hurry up! It's 9 am already! You'll be late!"

Ah, Daichan's whisperwell, it's not a whisper, he literally screaming in front of my earsuccesfully makes me get up from my bed, collecting some information about what have just happened, and take a glance to my cell phone on the table next to my bed.

"It's still 8 am, Daichan. You did it on purpose, don't you?"

Daichan is laughing happily behind my back. He must feel the victory because I believe in his lame joke. It's not funny at all, actually. After 10 seconds cursing about what Daichan did to me, I heard footsteps leading towards a couch at the corner of my room.

"What if I did that on purpose? Come on, Inoochan! I've been here all night long and the only thing you did was reading those books! Play with me before you leave me here for 8 hours. I beg you!"

He seems to know me well; his puppy eyes that always make my heart melts. I sighed before I smile then nod my head as a sign of agreement.

"Okay, okay, my kawaii Daichan. What do you want to play?"

"Let's play, umm, cuddle game!"

"Eh?! That's not a game!"

"It's a game, Inoochan!"

He runs towards my bed just to have a seat next to me. He looks me in the eye, smiling. Not so long after that, I feel his arms rest silently around my waist; with his eyes keep staring at mine. For God's sake, he is so beautiful, just as beautiful as I met him a month ago.


I was walking through the campus' corridor when the rain suddenly falls down carelessly. Shit, I forgot to bring my umbrella because the weather forecast said that it won't rain today. I keep my eyes glued to the glass-made walls along the corridor while making sure how long the rain would fall. If it stopped in the next one hour, I'd be able to go home without worrying about my blueprints going wet.

"I don't think it would stop in an hour."

A soft yet beautiful voice showed up in my mind. I turn my head left to see whose voice is that.

"Umm, I don't have an umbrella either. Sorry for that,

Inoo-kun? How the hell he knows my name? How the hell he called me like I've known him a long time ago? And how the hell he even read my mind?

"Who are you? Are we in the same class? Sorry, but, I've never seen you before."

He stands still with a wide smile, not giving any sign that he would answer my stupid question. Well, I'm an introvert, or let's say I already erased 'friendship' from my life. I really really don't get along with people because since the first weekyou read it, the first weekof university they already call me 'freak' or 'he is sick!'. So, it was like a miracle to see a human being that finally talked to me with that kind of intonation; a good one that a 'friend' would say to each other.

"My name is Daiki. Arioka Daiki."

Never heard that name before.

"Umm, I'm Kei. Inoo Kei."

"I know it already. Stop being so formal! We are friends, aren't we?"

Friends? He must be mistaken me for someone he knows. But, is there any people out there who has the same name as me? Another Inoo Kei? In another part of the world? It's impossible.


"Yes! We've been friends since a long time ago!"

Okay. I think I found someone who is 'crazier' than me. How the hell can we be friends? We've just known each other about 5 minutes ago. I look at him with so many unanswered questions in my mind. He must have seen it in my eyes. Who the hell is the person in front of me? Arioka Daiki?

"Inoo-kun? Are you okay?"

"Are you sure you want to be friend with me?"

"Of course yes! And please don't say 'be friend'. I'm your friend! I'm already your friend since a long time ago!"

This guy definitely needs an antipyretic. But who cares. I actually feel so happy to know that, finally, there's someone who wants to be friend with me. I give him a smile before I realized everyone in the corridor is looking at me. Well, they must be shocked that I, Inoo Kei, finally made a friend after 2 years being alone and not throwing even a word to them.


"What are you doing here?! Get out before I call the police! I told you to not come back to this house but why you keep coming back?! Someone please brings him out of here!"

It's been a year since my mom been a patient of a mental hospital. He always talks like that every time I come here to visit her, brings her favorite food. She must be thinking that I'm that man; a father who abandoned his family only for a younger bitch that only 3 years older than me.

"Mom, it's me, Kei. I bring your favorite omurice. Eat it when you feel hungry, okay?"

I hold her hand but she keeps her mouth shut. Not even looking at me. It really breaks my heart actually, but this thing happens every time; and I know it will always be like this.

"Your older brother, Hikaru-kun, do you guys still keep in touch?"

Yabu-sensei, a psychiatrist who is taking care of my mother, finally break the silence. I shake my head slowly. It's a true story that we don't talk to each other anymore, but he always sends me some money every month. Not much, but it helps me to survive. I still need to work part time at university's library, tho.

"No. We haven't talked to each other since 2 months ago. The last time he called me, he only asked me about my uni's life. He didn't even ask about our mother."

I take look at my mom. She's still not recognizing me. All the thing she does is calling my older brother's name, over and over again.

"Hikaru, why did your father leave? Why did he do this to us? Why didn't Kei? Why didn't Kei who left the house? Why not our freak son?"

Those words. Again. Forces me to look up to the ceiling so the tears won't fall from my eyes. Again. Over and over again.


"Okaerinasai, Inoochan!"

Daichan's always-happy voice is the only thing that cheers me up after I visiting my mom at the mental hospital. He's still in the same position every time I back home; sitting beautifully on my only couch in the room.

"Tadaima, Daichan"

"It's your mom again?"

He gets up from his comfort couch and walking towards me. I did nothing but smile at him. A bitter one. He pouts his lips then lift his feet a little bit so he could kiss my cheek. I put him away from my cheek to face my face. We stare at each other's eyes before I gently put my lips on Daichan's. It's been a week since the last time we kiss and I miss the sweet taste of Daichan's lips. We deepen our kiss as Daichan's put his hands on both of my cheeks. A sweet one, definitely not a lust. After 8 seconds of mind-relaxing thing, we slowly separate the distance between our lips.

"I'm here for you, Inoochan. Always. Forever."

We smile at each other as I caress his hair.

"Ne, Inoochan, can I come with you to your campus tomorrow? I'm a bit lonely being here all day"

"Sure! Let's go together tomorrow, okay?"

"But as our promise, don't talk to me while we're walking to the station"

"Roger that~"


As what Daichan told me the other day, we don't talk to each other when we're walking to the station. We don't even hold hands, but I keep my eyes on him. Sometimes we smile at each other, just to give a sign that we're walking side by side.

When we already hopped into the train, he finally talks to me.

"Do you always take this train to go to the campus?"

"Yes, why did you asking me that?"

He shakes his head while keeping his face straight, seriously looks at the scenery outside the window in front of us.

"You're freak, Daichan."

I stop chuckling after he stares at me as if he would kill me because of the way I made something fun about him in public. He hates it so much.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, Daichan. I'm sorry."

Still got a few chuckle in my mouth, I look around and found out that everyone is staring at me strangely. I look back at Daichan but he doesn't even look at me. I look back around and everyone still staring at me, way more bizarre than the first one. What's wrong with this people?


[to be continued]

Chapter 1, done! See you on chapter 2! Feel free to give me any positive comments or correction. Sorry if it's too short for a chaptered fic D:

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