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Title: In The End, There Were None [Chapter 2]
Pairing: InooDai (Inoo centric) and mentions Hey!Say!JUMP's members.
Words Count: 1,608
Genre: Psychological(?), Romance, A bit of angst, Slice of life
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Grammatical errors. English is not my mother language D:
Disclaimer: The title is inspired by Inoo Kei's recent drama, but the whole story is completely different. I only own the plot.
Summary: Something seems wrong with Inoo; everyone tells him that he is sick, but he doesn't feel the same way. He is fine, completely fine. Only Daichan, a beautiful man he met a month ago, who agrees with Inoo.

"Ne, Daichan, everyone is looking at me. Do I look weird with this outfit?"

I whisper things to Daichan's ear. The don't-talk-to-me-in-public kind of rule is the thing I can't obey right now. Daichan still sitting beside me unbothered, like I've never said anything to him. Well, I actually wearing a disheveled green cardigan with an oversized broken white t-shirt in it, shabby black jogger pants, a pair of worn-out shoes that I bought online last year, and of course, my eyeglasses. I don't think that I look weird today. I always been on the same train, at the same time, at the same station, and almost with the same outfit every day but I feel so scared with the way people stare at me today. I look at Daichan again, hoping that he would be looking back at me, but everything is useless. He doesn't even glare his eyes to me.

"Ne, Daichan, do you hear me?"

I shook his right shoulder a little, hoping that he will, at least, glare his eyes to mine. But still, everything is a no. I pout my lips while looking at Daichan's super clean white shoes, then raise my head to finally doing the same thing as Daichan; silently enjoying the scenery at the window in front of us. I won't lie that the scenery is pretty good, tho.

"No. You look so handsome as usual with that outfit. I love the way you wear that green cardigan. You seem to haven't washed it for years but it still looks good on you."

Thank God he finally speaks up, with a very low volume compared with the noises the train make. He even answered my question with longer sentences than he usually does when we were together in public. I'm blushing right after he said that to me. He always does that when we're home, but it's the first time he did that in public; even though his voice was at a lower volume than usual.

"Ah, it's almost the time to arrive!"

I shouted as I take a look at my watch. Daichan spontaneously turns his head down to do the same thing then humming while folding his arms in front of his chest.

"How long does it take from the next station to your campus?"

He asked curiously. His eyes show me that he never been on this train before. Well, based on what he told me, he used to live in the countryside before he lives here with me. His parents are busy with their work so they often go overseas and leave him alone in their luxurious mansion. He got some money from his parents so he moves to Tokyo and told them that he wants to pursue his dream to be an architect. So that's why he ended up at the same university as me.

"It's about 7 minutes walk."


Daichan is actually a year younger than me. I'm on my senior year, but because of some circumstances, he's now in the second year. Our schedule never matched each other; he always go to the campus on 9 AM which is 3 hours earlier than me, so I'd never knew how did he get into the campus. As far as I heard, he always goes the campus by feet and it takes about 30 minutes, 20 minutes longer than I take. Well, I always take this train even though it's an, actually, waste of money.


"It's actually faster to go to the campus by train! But it means that I should throw away some my money for this."

I laughed while holding his hand. He seems to be okay if we're having a conversation because we took a shortcut through the small alleys so he won't be so many people walking the same route as us.

"So, which one do you prefer?"

"Thinking about those pennies flies uselessly, I'd rather walk even though I need to get out of the house early."

He seems to be so persistent with his own way. I can't disagree more. It's his own life that he has been living for 21 years, and we know each other just a month ago.

"Why are you so thoughtful when it comes to money? So you're an obasan?"

He pinched my stomach as I laugh hard. It's not that hurt because Daichan is actually the girliest man I've ever met. And sometimes I wish he was a she.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Let's go faster or Professor Takaki wouldn't allow me to enter the class!"

At first I thought that taking a shortcut would be faster but on the contrary, it takes more than 8 minutes because we talk too much. I walk faster while Daichan's hand still fits in mine. I know that he is actually running instead of walking faster but I don't really care. The only thing I care is how can I be there in 50 seconds or Professor Takaki would kill me mercilessly if he came a few seconds faster than me. Daichan is not having a class today because it's postponed until next week so he's free today.


 "Yokatta~ Professor Takaki isn't here yet!"

I scream happily and not feeling as tired as before. I take a look back at Daichan who's trying to get his breath back to normal after I forced him to run.

"Daichan, are you okay?"

I run back towards him. He smiles as he nods his head to tell me that he's okay.

"I'm okay. You can go back to your class. I'll be here waiting. This is your last class for this semester, isn't it?"

His sweet smile is another thing I can't handle besides his puppy eyes. I put my hands on his shoulder and slowly kisses his forehead.

"Inoochan, not here!"

He tried to pull himself away from the kiss but he failed because my hands are grabbing his shoulder so he can't really make a move. I feel his heated-up self for a while before I let it go unwillingly because I still care about the professor that would kill me anytime he want.

"Wait for me, Daichan!"

I wave my hand as I run back to the class then go to the seat where my bag is laying. I sit down as I wave my hand again to him for the last time before the class started and he might be going somewhere around the campus; it's must be the cafeteria or the library next to my class. He waved back while throwing a smile. Not so long after that, I feel like someone is sitting next to me. No. It's 4 persons at all.

"Yo, freaky boy~"

A very loud voice suddenly strikes my ears. I know that it must be Yamada, that used to be my great friend, but ended up throwing me away after he changed like everybody does; he frankly yelled at me that I'm sick, I'm crazy, and I don't belong here. It's a wound that would never ever be healed; the way you heard your great friend yelling at you, cursing you, then pushed you away until you fell down while everybody was looking at you in the most disgusting way a person ever gave.

"Who's that again? Huh? Are you talking to the windows? To the wall? Huh?"

He moves his face closer to mine, tilting my head a little with his hand, then gives me the evilest grin he has.

"I...I was talking to Daichan. He's right there"

I point my hand to the window near the entrance door, but Daichan isn't there anymore. I'm shocked because a few moments ago he was there, but now he's gone. He must be going somewhere around the campus as I thought before. Or he might be going to the campus' library because it's located right after my class and I'm here sitting on the rearmost seat so the corridor wouldn't be as visible as if we seen that from the front seat.

"Oh really? Where?"

"Ne, Yamachan, I found no one standing behind the window! So the person here is a real freaky boy~ he's crazy~"

Yuto, his comrade, start to speak. Trying to tease me indirectly. Then he laughs hard as he keeps saying 'baka!' few times before Yamada told him to stop. His other comrades, Keito and Chinen, are just sitting behind me laughing at what they have seen. So lucky that Professor Takaki is there at the entrance door right now so Yamada and his comrades run back to their seatwhich is two seats behind meand sits down in peace like nothing have ever happened before.

"Good morning everyone! Now let's start with page 176!"

As Professor Takaki starts the lecture, I take a look back at the window, wondering how fast Daichan can run. He was there when we waved our hand to each other, but when Yamada came, he wasn't there anymore. Ah, he might think that if he keeps standing there, my concentration would be a total mess because he knows that I can't study well when he's around, or I would keep staring at him and smiling. He knows that he's beautiful and he also knows that I can't help myself to kiss him because of his beautiful face. I suddenly remember he asked me 'do I look beautiful today, Inoochan?' while sitting next to me, playing with the hairpin I bought him the day before and of course; with those cute puppy eyes that I can't resist.

Yes, Daichan. You are beautiful. And you will always be.

[to be continued]


Yosssh! The second chapter is done! I don't know why but I feel so energetic to write this fic. And I think, I'm going to post the third chapter as soon as possible! xD
P.S: so sorry if this second chapter is also too short D:
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