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It's me~
I've been wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet~
To go over, eve—wait.

Sorry I'm just too excited to welcoming 2017 lol xD


Happy new year, minna! Hope this year will be the greatest 2017 for everyone!

I did something useful (not so useful actually, but it helps me to reduce my stress HAHAHA) at the first day of 2017: I made my own handmade paper back covers for my phone! Since I have nothing to do because of the holiday season (well, still struggling with my thesis tho TwT ) so I think I need to 'work' on something.

Here's all of the design! (If you want the design, just message me and I'll send you one! It's cuttable for iPhone 6/6s and 6+/6s+ tho, but if you want another type, I'll search it for you! Mine is 6s so if you have the same type, I'll directly send the cuttable template for you! But before that, you need a crystal clear case so the printed paper would be like these pictures below)

(I got the photos of JUMP's 2016-2017 calendar from [ profile] yurigenki's LJ. thank you so much! ^u^ )

Well, I made this one by myself xD

Those are JUMP's concert logo from 2007-2016. I google it by myself, found it all, then designed it myself! x3

I also made this one by myself!

Yes, you can judge me that I have a lot of time to spend on something useless, but believe me, it's soooo funny yet relaxing xD (I love to make graphic designs and photoshop is my whole life since 2008)

And by the way, I've pre-ordered the JUMP's official calendar on jkloop! Uwaaaa I'm so happy! It will be released in March 2017 and the calendar starts from April 2017, right on my favorite month! (I was born in April, 19 days after Keito's and 5 days after Daichan's lol) I hope the calendar would arrive a week before my birthday so I could feel like I'm receiving my own gift from JUMP's member xD

I think that's enough for now. Looking forward to finishing my chaptered fic before I'll leave the world of fangirling for a month because I'm going to doing my Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN). It's like a community service in an underdeveloped village in Indonesia.

Jaa, matta ne~


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