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Title: In The End, There Were None [Chapter 3]
Pairing: InooDai (Inoo centric) and mentions of Hey!Say!JUMP's members.
Words Count: 2,908~
Genre: Psychological(?), Romance, A bit of angst, Slice of life
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Grammatical errors. English is not my mother language D:
Disclaimer: The title is inspired by Inoo Kei's recent drama, but the whole story is completely different. I only own the plot.
Summary: Something seems wrong with Inoo; everyone tells him that he is sick, but he doesn't feel the same way. He is fine, completely fine. Only Daichan, a beautiful man he met a month ago, who agrees with Inoo.

Today's lecture from Professor Takaki ends 30 minutes earlier. I was a little bit surprise because he usually takes the full 2 hours and just now he cut it for 30 minutes. Everyone in the class is now screaming happily. Yamada and his comrades are the loudest of course.

"Thank you for this last 3,5 years. Now you can fully concentrate in your thesis. Wishing you the best luck. See you later!"

Professor Takaki walks away as he smiles. The class is now as noisy as a rock music concert. I put my books back inside my bag and run as fast as I can. I can't stand this kind of situation so I walk out the class and thinking about where the hell is Daichan. I need to find Daichan because I promised him something yesterday. I walk toward the library next to my class, but I can't find him there.

"Eh? He's not here?"

After 3 seconds thinking of where Daichan is, I run toward the cafeteria but he's not there either. I start to panicking because I can't think of another place in addition to the library and cafeteria; those are his favorite place to being an introvert as much as he wanted to. He was always alone before we knew each other. I keep searching him for the last 5 minutes before I heard a familiar voice.

"Inoochan! Over here!"

Thank God, it's Daichan. He waves his right hand to me and smiling wide. My heart skips a beat when I see Daichan who's about 5 meters away from me. He looks so flawless as the people walks by, doesn't even bothered about the way he screamed out my name. He run towards me smiling and suddenly holds my both hands.

"Don't forget what you promised me yesterday!"

His voice was too cute to handle. He looks like a girl whose her parents promised her the newest barbie doll. I put my happiest smile on my face.

"Of course I don't! Let's go home right now!"


Yes. I promised him to cook my mom's favorite omurice, a bowl of chicken curry, and mashed potatoes. He told me a few days ago that he wanted to taste my mom's favorite omurice. I said yes because as far as I remember, we often eat instant noodles or spending the dinner time in a ramen shop.

"Sasuga, Inoochan! The omurice is perfect! Your mom is so lucky to have such a genius son like you!"

I laugh in peace as I see Daichan eats well. He seems to be so happy to finally tasted the omurice I made; the one I made for my mom. While I was busy observing Daichan with his 'umae!' words spilled out more than 10 times in 5 minutes, my cell phone rang.

"Eh? Yabu-sensei?"

I spontaneously stare at Daichan. He stops his enjoyable eat to stare back at me.

"Just pick up the phone! It might be something important"

I pick up the phone worriedly; I know that something happened to my mom. I know it's not a good news that he would tell me.

"Moshi-moshi, Inoo-kun? Can you come to the hospital now? It's your mom....."

Yabu-sensei speaks for a while before I found out myself burst into tears.



Yabu-sensei giving me a hand sign to come faster to my mom's room. There are so many nurses around it. I run as fast as I can to see what happen. As I arrived there, I see my mom pinned down to the wall near the bathroom by the nurses.

"Oh my God..."

I was so shocked to see so much blood covered my mom's hand. Her left hand is still holding a knife while she keeps screaming uncontrollably. I run towards her and the nurses take a step back while still holding my mom's hand tightly. I try to calm her down, repeatedly saying 'mom, it's okay' while rubbing her back.

"I don't need you! I don't need a freak son like you! Go away!"

She pushed me quite hard so I fell back to the floor. She stares at me while suddenly pointed the knife to me. I freeze on where I am and still not believing what my mom's doing. Yabu-sensei and the nurses are now busy pulling her away from me.

"Die! Die! You should die, Kei!"

"Inoo-kun, just wait outside. I will call you back when I'm done with this"

Yabu-sensei said as he put out his syringe from his coat and injects the medicine into my mom's upper arm. My legs trembling but I try hard to stand up and walk outside the room. I can't hold the tears as it streams down my face. I panted down and put my left arm around my knees. With teary eyes, I reach my cell phone with my other hand to call my older brother, Hikaru, but it doesn't seem to work out. His cell phone is turned off. After cursing for a moment of what was just happened, I heard the door opened and Yabu-sensei is the only one who came out of the room.

"Inoo-kun, I'm sorry for this, but it seems that your mom needs to be delivered to the isolation room, or she might be hurt the patients here. Please understand the current circumstances. We try to do our best to protect both your mom and the other patients here"

Isolation room? It means that I can't regularly meet my mom? I can't bring her her favorite omurice anymore? Okay. My life is done. I cry harder as I don't know what to say.


So here I am, ended up being a cry baby in front of Daichan. He look at me confusedly, because it's been 5 minutes since I opened the door, not even saying 'tadaima', and fell down on the floor with the door opened and said nothing but keep crying.

"Inoochan, get up. Let's talk about everything inside. The other will hear you crying"

I sit still and not giving a sign to stand up. I heard Daichan's footsteps and as expected, he hugs me while saying nothing.

"Let's move inside, ne?"

I wipe out my tears and with full of efforts I stand back and walk slowly to my bed. I crash my body into my bed with my chest facing the bed. I'm not crying anymore, but now I feel so damn tired.

"It's my mom. Again and again"

I finally speak up. I turn over my body so I could see Daichan's face. He's still there, sitting on my bed waiting for me to finish the shit just happened. He widened his eyes as I told him that my mom pointed me with a knife. I'm telling him the whole story, from the beginning till the end; including that isolation room thingy.

"Yabu-sensei asked me to meet him tomorrow at 10 am. Do you mind to accompany me, Daichan? I still feel so traumatic about today"

He nods his head while smiling. He put his hand on my cheek, rub his thumb for two times before he plants a kiss on it. His warm lips are so sweet and heart-warming.

"I'll be there whenever and wherever you need me, Inoochan"


We're now walking to the mental hospital. It's still 8.30 am but we decided to go early because Daichan said he wanted to explore the mental hospital for a while before we meet Yabu-sensei. Of course, the don't-talk-to-him-in-public kind of rule is ongoing. We separated by about 10 centimeters away but we steadily walking side by side. After 15 minutes of walking, we finally reached the mental hospital. I stopped my feet right in front of the hospital's entrance.

"Daijoubu, Inoochan. Everything's going to be okay!"

I turn my head to where Daichan is. He's grinning and he looks so beautiful. My doubts are gone in seconds just seeing him smile. Ah, he must be an angel who's directly sent to me. But the one thing I surprised by is the fact he is talking to me. In public. How can he be so okay with it? He speaks to me loudly like the rule doesn't exist. But once again, the people seems not to be bothered with him; it's a hospital, we need to keep our voice low as long as we're here.

"Go on, Inoochan! Show me the whole hospital to me!"

He holds my left arm and forced me to follow him. I laugh a bit before leading him to the take his first mental hospital tour. I explain everything to him. Of course, I know everything, I'm a regular visitor here. Daichan seems so happy and saying 'sugoi!' 'wow!' and 'kakkoii!' as long as I keep explaining. We stopped at my mom's room and not seeing her in her bed. There's only a nurse cleaning her bed.

"It seems that they already moved my mom to the isolation room"

"Oh, she used to be on that bed?"


"I wonder where the isolation room is, Inoochan. Do you know where is it?"

"I don't know either. Ah, mou ii yo. Let's continue our journey, ne?"

Daichan nods his head and we continue to walk around the mental hospital. Right after 20 minutes, we finished the hospital tour. We reach Yabu-sensei's office that located not so far from the cafeteria. I knock the door slowly and enter the room. Daichan is waiting outside since Yabu-sensei asked me to come to his room alone. I told him before I went here that Daichan will accompany me to the hospital, but Daichan must wait outside the room.


"Oh, Inoo-kun! Come here, come here!"

Yabu-sensei stood up from his seat and smile while giving me a hand sign to sit on the chair in front of his table. He's a very good psychiatrist, tho.

"It's about your mom. She's been delivered to the isolation room this morning. I need to inject her with antipsychotic drugs before we moved her, just in case that she would be like yesterday. But everything was going well. She's fine now. One of my nurses checked her 15 minutes ago.

Yabu-sensei explaining the current situation of my mom. The main problem might me my older brother, Hikaru, that haven't visited her for 2 months. I fully understand that my older brother is busy, but not visiting his own mother for two months seems too much for me. Yabu-sensei might be thinking of it as well.

"So, do you want to know where the isolation room is?"

"Sure, Yabu-sensei. I want to know my mom's condition"

"Okay. Just wait for me outside. I need to prepare the medicines for your mom too. It's about her time to be injected"

I bow my head then leaving the room to wait outside. Daichan is still waiting here patiently. He smile at me then I walk towards him.

"I'm going to see my mom in the isolation room. Do you want to come to?"

Daichan shakes his head slowly.

"It's okay, Inoochan. I'm going to wait here. Besides, I can see the hospital's garden from here. It's so beautiful! It reminds me of my hometown"

I know that Daichan is missing his hometown. But since there's no one there, it's useless. He would be saddened more if he's going home in that kind of situation where his parents are not there and busy with their works. I clearly understand him, so I let him does what he likes. Not so long after that, Yabu-sensei is already in front of the door with the medicines and syringes in a plastic bag.

"Let's go, Inoo-kun"

I nod my head as a yes and follow Yabu-sensei's steps to the isolation room. Yabu-sensei suddenly stopped there when I shout 'wait for me!' to Daichan who's sitting there on the bench in front of Yabu-sensei's office. I rashly continue to walk to where Yabu-sensei is standing. He stands still then asking me a question.

"Who were you talking to?"

"I was talking to Daichan. He's the one I told you yesterday, Yabu-sensei"

Yabu-sensei seems confused. He scrunches his eyes, he must be doubt about something. He's staring at Daichan for 3 seconds then turned his back and continue walking. Well, Yabu-sensei knows as well that I don't really get along with people. He must be surprisedwell, it's normal for people who knows methat I finally made a friend with someone; in this case, Daichan. I keep following him to the isolation room and meet my mom. The isolation room is not as bad as I thought before. It's not dark and scary like those on the movie. The room is clean, bright, and neat. The only thing that's still the same with those isolation rooms on the movies is there's not much window here. The room is so far away from the regular rooms, but it's still in this mental hospital.

"Konnichiwa, Yabu-sensei, Inoo-san. Patient in room 12 is waiting for you"

A nurse bowed her head to Yabu-sensei before walking ahead of us to show us the room. Ah, souka. My mom is in room 12. I smile bitterly when suddenly remember what happened yesterday. We stopped in front of a white door with no windows to peek. The door slowly opened and I can see my mom sleeping on a bed. There's no pillow and only a blanket laying on the floor. Yabu-sensei slowly enters the room and injects the intravenous medicine. While Yabu-sensei is injecting the meds with two nurses with him holding my mom's arms, she opens her eyes a bit then she speaks something in a low voice.

"Hikaru, is that you? Hikaru? Hikaru? Hikaru? Is Kei dead already?"

Yappari. It's always been like this. I try to avoid a drop of tear falls from my eyes. Yabu-sensei is looking at me right now, signaling me to not enter the room. Yabu-sensei and his nurses not saying anything but keep smiling at her.

Mom, no matter what happen to you, I'm still your little Kei-chan. And I'll always love you like this, forever.


After visiting the isolation room, we go back to Yabu-sensei's office. I wave my hand at Daichan who's still there on the bench. He smiles at me while saying nothing. Yabu-sensei enters his office first and I'm still outside to talk to Daichan for a while. He has been waiting for 45 minutes there. Alone. With no one to talk to. I feel so guilty about it.

"Daichan, gomenasai ne~ I'm not finished yet with Yabu-sensei. Wait here for a little more, okay? I'm sorry that it takes so long. Let's go to the ramen shop after this~"

"Un! I'm okay, Inoochan. Just get it done first. I'll be here waiting for you. Just don't be attracted to Yabu-sensei, ne? He's so handsome with his blonde hair and I'm afraid that you'll be attracted to him"

I laughed when I hear him saying that while pouting his mouth. I nod my head while saying 'hai, hai~' then brushes his curly hair.


"Inoochan, I need to talk about you"

Yabu-sensei is now in his very serious face. I wonder what's wrong with me. What was that about? 'You'? which 'you'? He might be want to talk about my older brother, Hikaru. I scrunch my eyes while laughing confusedly. I really don't get what Yabu-sensei's means.

"Eh? About what, sensei?"

"It's about Daichan"

EH?! DAICHAN?! EH?! Did he does something bad? But how? He just met Daichan today!

"Eh? Sensei, chotto matte. I don't really understand about that"

"Daichan, it's about Daichan"

"What happen to Daichan, sensei?"

"No, it's nothing. I just wanna know how you met him because you said that you don't really get along with people, don't you? So, tell me about your Daichan"

Ah, yokatta. I thought that Daichan did something bad to him. I told him everything about Daichan; about how I met him strangely, about how we get along together, and about the don't-talk-to-me-in-public rule he made. Yabu-sensei nodded his head few times and keep asking me anything about Daichan, including his family's background. It's been 5 minutes since I told him everything about Daichan. I was so excited because he's my very first friend since Yamada dumped me 2 years ago.

"So, Yabu-sensei, why are you asking me about Daichan?"

"Do you want to know something unbelievable?"

Eh? I asked him, but now he asking me back? What is that 'something unbelievable'? Eh? I don't really understand what's going on.


"Honestly speaking, Inoo-kun, I didn't see you with someone. You're all alone today and I see no one on the bench in front of my office"

"I-i-is he a g-g-ghost?"

I widened my eyes. WHAT? Daichan is......What?!  ghost?! So am I seeing a ghost?! Am I be a friend with a ghost for these one month and a half?!

"No, he's not a ghost either"

I'm so fucking speechless right now. My whole body is sweating. But I still don't believe that Yabu-sensei can't see Daichan. He is right there! He's outside this room waiting for me! I think Yabu-sensei has just gone 'crazier' then Daichan when we first met.

"Inoo-kun, but, Daichan doesn't exist. He only exist in your mind. That's why people was looking strangely at you, because they can't see Daichan"


Doesnt exist?.....

What the hell is going on?......


Chapter 3, ended! xD HAAAAAAH finally I continued this series. I've been so busy making and doing things. Hell yeah, being in a senior year of uni is suck lol. Jaa, so you know that Daichan doesn't exist but there are sooo much to tell and this is only the beginning x3
Jaa, matta ne~ see you on chapter 4~ xD

P.S: "Just don't be attracted to Yabu-sensei, ne? He's so handsome with his blonde hair and I'm afraid that you'll be attracted to him" this part was created because I recently hooked up with Yabuchan's DEAR shop pics and few photos from JUMP's featured magazines and he looks so handsome and kakkoii in every photo with his blonde hair HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can't help myself falling in love with him!!! x3 thanks to my same-ichiban instagram's friend, Ame-chan. She made me fall in love with YabuNoo. I think I'm going to make a fanfic with YabuNoo as pairing! Should I make it as NC-17? Smut? Or even PWP? Well, let's see! x3

Bonus: Yabu-sensei <3


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