Nov. 25th, 2026

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konnichiwa, minna! hajimemashite~
this is my very first post of my livejournal account (it's 2.48 AM now HAHAHA watashi wa vampire). I don't think that I'm going to write posts regularly because I'm currently a retired writer (I used to write stories, poems, or anything I like) but due to my uni tasks (you know, I need to finish my thesis. I'm in senior year of medschool, so, yeah) I sadly made a decision not to write any of them for few months.

well, it might be sounds weird because this is a month to go before the end of 2016 and I just got signed in to livejournal this October. where have I been all my life...

okay. I'm gonna introduce myself a bit so I won't look so awkward (but girl, you look weirder instead).
my given name is Arenda Daila Sugihen. but I often use only 'Arenda Sugihen' because it sounds better and easier to write (you guys with a train-like given name, high five!). I'm a mild dyslexic (kind of specific learning disabilities, it's completely different with learning disabilities). my friends call me 'Renda' but some of my close friends call me 'Ren'. I was born in Surabaya, a city in Indonesia, on April 20, 1995. Since I'm an Indonesian, English is not my mother language. I rarely use it daily but I try to use it as often as I can in my social media's page. I love graphic design, photography, cinematography, video editing, doodling, playing guitar or piano, dancing (both traditional and modern), and singing.
I'm a moderate uni student and medical is my major. as I told you before, I'm in a senior year of medschool (pre-clinical) and after my thesis done, I'll be in the uni's hospital for clinical phase which is 2 years long. can I cry right now? TwT

now, the most important point of my self-introduction post is...

I'M A JAPAN FREAK. I love J-pop (mostly Johnny's lol), J-rocks, J-dramas, J-movies, J-shows, and of course: IKEMEN! xD
my ichiban boyband is Hey!Say!JUMP. I love arashi and sexy zone too but none of them can replace my legendary nine:"3
my favorite member of Hey!Say!JUMP is.....ALL OF THEM HAHAHAHA. but I love Inoo Kei, Okamoto Keito, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, and Takaki Yuya the most. they're soooo cool in their own way aww <3

by the way, down below are my social media accounts. feel free to follow or add me as a friend!
Instagram: @arendasugihen & @xrenchann
Facebook: Arenda Daila Sugihen
Twitter: @arendasugihen
YouTube Channel: Arenda Daila Sugihen
Path: Arenda Sugihen

I think it's enough for now. look forward to post something here again!
jaa, matta ne~


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