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Title: In The End, There Were None [Chapter 4]
Pairing: InooDai (Inoo centric) and mentions of Hey!Say!JUMP's members.
Words Count: 2,549
Genre: Psychological(?), Romance, A bit of angst, Slice of life
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Grammatical errors. English is not my mother language D:
Disclaimer: The title is inspired by Inoo Kei's recent drama, but the whole story is completely different. I only own the plot.
Summary: Something seems wrong with Inoo; everyone tells him that he is sick, but he doesn't feel the same way. He is fine, completely fine. Only Daichan, a beautiful man he met a month ago, who agrees with Inoo.

"Chotto matte, Yabu-sensei. I still don't get it. Everything. I just can't understand everything you've said earlier"

"Like I said before, Inoo-kun. The 'Daichan' that you always mentioning about, does not exist in this world. He only exists in your mind. Your own mind"

"But if Daichan only exists in my mind, why does he look so real? I can touch his soft skin, and I also brush his hair sometimes"

"Do you ever seen him eating? Or drinking?"

I stop talking immediately after Yabu-sensei said that. I lower my head as I remember that Daichan never eats anything in front of me. We often go to the ramen shop but it's always me ordering the cheapest ramen and every time I ask him if he wants some, he shakes his head or even saying that he's not hungry yet, so I end up eating the whole bowl of ramen alone. I remember that I always left my keys to him so he could go somewhere to buy something or just walking around, but it's always in the same position as I put the keys before I leave. As far as I know, every time I reach the door of my apartment and open it, he will be there sitting on the only couch I have in my room, run toward me while saying 'okaeri!' with such a happy face.

"Yappari. You never see him doing it"

I still shut my mouth up, not saying a thing in front of Yabu-sensei. I could hear him sighing before he says sorry for saying such a thing before.

"Am I sick or something, Yabu-sensei?"

I finally speak up, but now Yabu-sensei is shutting his mouth up. He's sighing again while throwing his back to the backrest of his chair. He crosses his arms in front of his chest, thinking about something.

"Meet me again next week, Inoo-kun. I need to observe you first before I can give you the medicine"

"And, what would happen if I took the medicine?"

"You won't be able to see Daichan as often as these days"


Daichan is smiling at me when I finally get out from Yabu-sensei's office. He stands up then walk towards me while keep smiling. I smile back at him, a bitter one.

"Eh? Inoochan? What's wrong?"

I hug him tightly. So tight that I won't let him go. I won't let Daichan go. He's the only one I have now. Our skin is touching each other. I can feel his heart beats fast. I can hear him breathing. I can feel him. Everything about him. I can touch him. Then how come he only exists in my mind? How come?

"Inoochan? Are you okay? Eh? Why are you crying?"

"Ne, Daichan, you are real, aren't you?"

"Eh? Of course, I am! Now that you're hugging me then you asking me whether I'm a real person or not?"

Daichan is laughing because I've just asked him a very stupid question. I can feel his heavy breath on my chest because of the laugh he just did. Realizing what I've just done, I follow him. I'm laughing while sobbing and it's extremely awkward. I laugh harder as the tears keep falling from my eyes.

"Daijoubu, Inoochan. Now let's go home and take a rest. You look so damn tired today"


I let go of him but my hand is now holding his, signaling him that I won't let him go.

"Can I hold your hand like this till we get home?"

Daichan nods his head then smile. It's the first time since he allows me to hold his hand in public. I take the lead as he follows me behind and burst into the crowd of Tokyo, holding his hand. I don't care if he only exists in my mind, as long as I'm happy with him, I think it's okay to stay like this. Forever.


The next morning, I wake up next to him. I turn my body to face his. Daichan is still sleeping soundly. I put my right hand on his chubby cheek, caresses it like there's no tomorrow. His soft skin, his beautiful face, the way the sunlight sneaking through the window and fall perfectly on his face always cheers me up. I'm smiling without a reason while my hand still caressing his cheek. How come this beautiful creature only exists in my mind? And why him? Why Daichan? And why me?

"Eh? Doushitano, Inoochan?"

Daichan is suddenly awakened. Our eyes meet and we stare at each other for like 5 seconds.

"Nandemonai yo, Daichan. You look so beautiful today"

He giggles because of what I've said just now. I move my hand to caress his curly hair, brushes my fingers into it like it's the fluffiest thing in the world. It goes smoothly till I reach his neck, then pulls it slowly to get my arms around it. His warm breath gets through my white shirt to my skin. I want to hold him like this forever. Suddenly, tears come out from my eyes.

"Eh? Why are you crying Inoochan?"

He's struggling to pull himself out of my arms, but I hold him tighter instead.

"Please, stay still like this for a while"

I can't hold my tears anymore. I just can't imagine what would happen to me if he's gone. Completely gone. I just can't let this happen. If it's a sickness or even a sin, I don't mind to 'suffer' this kind of thing as long as it's Daichan. I just can't imagine how lonely I would be without him beside me.

"You won't leave me, will you?"

"How many times should I tell you that I won't leave you, Inoochan?"

Daichan slowly put his arm around my waist. Giving me a signal that he meant what he said; he will never leave me.


"Moshi-moshi, is this Inoo Kei-san?"

"Hai, Inoo Kei desu. Sorry for asking, but do I know you?"

"This is Hikaru. Yaotome Hikaru"

niichan. Sashiburi!"

sashiburi. How are you?"

"I'm fine as usual. And you,

"Umm, as you can see, I'm busy with my salary man's life"

souka. Ne, is there something important you want to talk?"

"Yes, there is. Can you meet me tomorrow? I'll send you the address. Do you have a class for tomorrow?"

"No, I don't. Okay, let's meet tomorrow,

"Okay. Jaa ne~"


We are now on a train to Shibuya to meet my older brother, Hikaru. He told me that he wants to meet me at the coffee shop not so far from the train station. It's been like forever since the last time we met. I'm still surprised because of what happened last night; he called me and said he want to meet me and tell me something important. I'm wondering what is that important thing.

"Inoochan, do you know the name of the coffee shop?"

"I don't know. But he said there's only one coffee shop near here and I don't seem to find any of it"

"Ah! I found it! It's right there, Inoochan!"

Daichan points his finger at a small coffee shop at the corner of the street as he runs through the crowd. I follow him few steps behind.

"Ne, Inoochan, is that your older brother, Hikaru?"

My older brother is walking to the table near the window. He seems like he has just arrived.

"Yes, he is. Let's go, Daichan! Don't make him wait!"

Daichan nods his head while I open the front door of the coffee shop. Hikaru-niichan immediately recognized us as we enter the coffee shop. He waves his hand to us.

"Niichan, it's been a long time!"

I said happily. Hikaru-niichan replied me with a smile then told me to sit in front of him. It's actually the first time we meet casually. Well, we never met each other for almost a year and now we only separated by a wooden table.

"Ah, niichan, I bring my friend with me. His name is Daichan"

"Oh, souka. Where is he?"

"But, niichan, he is...."

"He is what?"

"He's now sitting beside me"

"Eh? Are you okay, Kei? You came here by yourself!"

He laughs while keep repeating 'eh?' and 'are you okay?'. I take a look at Daichan and he staring back at me. I hold his hand to make him sure that everything is going to be okay. I give him my brightest smile and he can only giggle.

"Okay. It's up to you. I don't really understand how your mind goes, Kei. Now I'm going to tell you something. It's about my job. I don't think that you would like this, but, I'm going to move to Australia. I don't know for how long, but it might be more than 3 years and I'm not sure if I could go back here or not"

And that's the important thing he wants to tell me. Hikaru-niichan successfully left me speechless. Daichan looking at me worriedly like he knows that something bad would happen to me.

"And, umm, I already told Yabu-sensei to tell mom about this. I'm sorry if it's too sudden. I hope you understand everything, Kei. Jaa, I need to go back to my office to pack my stuff"

Hikaru-niichan stands up while fixing his necktie. I rashly grab his left arm. He stops as he asking me what's wrong.

"When will you go?"

"I already bought a ticket for tomorrow morning. I'm taking the earliest flight"


"I'm sorry, Kei. I'm in a hurry right now. Sayonara"

He let go of my hand, leaving some amount of money on the table, then fading away on the crowds of Shibuya. I can't speak. I'm not even able to move my body. Daichan just sitting there at his place doing nothing but staring at my teary eyes.

"Ne, Daichan, what should I do..."


"Inoo-san! Inoo-san! Please calm down! Inoo-san! Inoo-san!"

"Hanashite! I'm going to follow my son to Australia!"

"You still have your younger son! You'll be safe with him beside you!"

"No! It won't ever happens! He's not my son! Kei is not my son!"

I'm still running through the isolation room's corridor when I heard my mom shout it out loud, sobbing. Yabu-sensei and some nurses already standing in front of her room. Two of the nurses enters the room to helping other nurses holding my mom's extremities. I run faster as Yabu-sensei waving his hands twice to me, signaling me to come faster.

"Inoo-san, your son is here. Kei is here, Inoo-san!"

My mom stops yelling at the nurses and staring at me. Her eyes become red because of the tears. Our eyes meet for like 4 seconds before he stands up and pushes me away. She says nothing but keeps pushing me. The nurses are trying to stop her, but she fights back instead. Yabu-sensei covers my shoulder, trying to make her stop pushing me. She says 'die!' between her screams. I'm used to this, everything about this, but so far, this is the worst.


"Inoochan, please stop crying"

Daichan pleads as he hugging me tightly. He never saw me like this before. I don't know how long I've cried. As long as I remember, after I open the front door, left it widely open, then fell down to the floor and cried.

"Daijoubu, Inoochan. Daijoubu"

"I've had enough, Daichan. I can't hold it anymore. It's too hurtful. I'm trying to not thinking about it, but the more I deny, the more it comes to my mind and it drives me crazy!"

I cry harder as Daichan tighten his arms around my shoulders. He pats my head few times, then kisses it.

"Please, Daichan. Please don't leave me. Please. Please!"

"Wakatta yo, Inoochan. I'll always be here. Now let's get onto the bed. You need to take a rest before you meet Yabu-sensei tomorrow. It's 1 am already. Hora, hora~"


It's 10 am and I'm already knocking the door of Yabu-sensei's office. Daichan waits patiently on the bench in front of Yabu-sensei's office. I look at him worriedly, while he only replies me with his kawaii smile.

"Ah, it's you, Inoo-kun. Please come in!"

Yabu-sensei invites me to enter his office. As he asked me a week ago, I'm here to fulfill his request.


"Douzo, Inoo-kun. Come here, sit here"

I walk for few steps then sitting down on a chair in front of his table, while Yabu-sensei sitting behind it, smiling.

"Jaa, now tell me about your past week with Daichan"

I told him everything. About his reaction when my older brother decided to move to Australia due to his job, his laughs when I told him some lame jokes, his warm hugs and kisses when I buried my head to his shoulders while I was crying, and how he really motivates me to live my life and get up.

"Souka. So your mind regularly make him appears more often than before, huh? I'm telling you again, Inoochan. He only exists in your mind. Don't do it in a public place or the whole society will keep a distance with you. And don't make Yamada and his friends make fun of you again. You should remember that"

"But, he is real, Yabu-sensei. Honto ni. I told you that I can touch him, didn't I?"

"I can't see him, Inoochan. He only lives in your imagination. Your depressed mind creates him! You made him with your own mind!"

"It's impossible, Yabu-sensei...."

"It's possible if your brain stimulates you to keep him 'alive'. Please, Inoochan. I've known you since you were 16 years old and I knew that you don't really get along with people, and they still bullies you. I knew it, Inoochan. So don't make yourself suffer more of it. I don't want you to be bullied again and again by the people"

I keep my mouth silent. Well, I can't deny that Yabu-sensei is right. He has been knowing me for 10 years and there's nothing I could hide from him.

"Then, what happens to me actually, sensei?"

Yabu-sensei stops a while. He seems like thinking of something that's so hard to say in front of me.

"Are you sure you want to hear it?"

I nod my head as a yes.

"You have schizophrenia. It's a condition when you can't distinguish between your imagination and real life. Normal people can easily know which one is their real life, and which one is their imagination. In fact, your brain can't do it. It makes everything looks the same for you. You are lucky because you have only seen one. To prevent you from seeing the second or the third Daichan, you need to take some medicine"

"So, not to mention, if I took that medicine...."

"Yes. Your brain will less stimulate you to imagine about Daichan"

Oh, God. I really hate to hear this...

"He won't regularly appears in front of you again. Well, he's not going to completely gone from your mind, but you have to ignore him if you want to have your normal life again"

Ignore him? How can I ignore him? Daichan? My legs are trembling right now. My hands covering my face, trying to hold the tears to fall.

Daichan, what should I do?


[to be continued]

Oh my God I don't know where the story goes lol but it's getting to the point I want! x'D I don't know how to make it more 'angst' so I added one more plot HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm sorry if it's taking soooo long to update! D:
Jaa, see you in chapter 5~
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