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Title: In The End, There Were None [Chapter 5]
Pairing: InooDai (Inoo centric) and mentions of Hey!Say!JUMP's members.
Words Count: 3,130
Genre: Psychological(?), Romance, A bit of angst, Slice of life
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Grammatical errors. English is not my mother language D:
Disclaimer: The title is inspired by Inoo Kei's recent drama, but the whole story is completely different. I only own the plot.
Summary: Something seems wrong with Inoo; everyone tells him that he is sick, but he doesn't feel the same way. He is fine, completely fine. Only Daichan, a beautiful man he met a month ago, who agrees with Inoo.

"He won't regularly appears in front of you again. Well, he's not going to completely gone from your mind, but you have to ignore him if you want to have your normal life again"

It's 3 am in the morning and Yabu-sensei's words still repeating endlessly in my head. And thanks to that, my circadian rhythm is such a mess. It's been 3 days since the last time I came to Yabu-sensei's office and I only slept for 2 or 3 hours each day. Every time I look at Daichan, without him noticing or even when he's sleeping, the words always popped up like it's the only words I know. It's like Daichan is the one to blame. I can't blame myself either, or maybe, I don't know who to blame. I haven't take the medicine Yabu-sensei suggested me because it's still too hard for me to commit with that 'ignoring Daichan' thing. I can't. And how the hell could I do that?

"I have to meet Professor Takaki on 10 am and I haven't sleep yet! Come on, Kei! Just close your eyes and sleep you little brat!"

I'm cursing my own self and 3 minutes after, I give up. I wake up from my bed and walking towards the bookshelf to find a good book to read. But I think it's no use since all the books I have are about architecture and stuff like that. I about to slam my head against the wall before I remember that Hikaru-niichan gave me a book 4 years ago and I haven't read it yet. I'm searching all over my room to find it.

"Yatta! It's here! I wonder what kind of book is this"

It was a brown-covered book with my late father's name on it, Yaotome Shingo. I used to be a Yaotome too, but my parents divorced at their 8th years' marriage anniversary. I was still a 4 years old boy, and Hikaru-niichan was 6 years old if I wasn't mistaken. My dad left the house took Hikaru-niichan with him, so that's why he's still using Yaotome as his family name, while I'm using my mom's family name. My dad was a famous writer back then before he divorced and committed suicide 4 years after. I open the book and found my late father's handwritings. I keep reading page by page, from one part to another. It really reminds me of how happy we were. As I expected, it's a diary about our past days when we were still together as Yaotome.

"Natsukashii, ne~"


"Ne, Inoochan, what kind of book is that?"

Daichan pointed at the brown-covered book. I forgot to tell him about what I've found this morning.

"This book? My late father wrote it. It's like a diary of our family back then. I've just read the first 20 pages, tho"

"Do you mind to continue reading it?"

"Of course. This book is the only thing left to get to know more about my family, especially about who my father is"

Daichan nods his head as we keep walking through the crowds of Tokyo's busiest time. Actually, we have nowhere to go. We are just walking and keep walking further until we are tired. I just want to spend my time with Daichan, before I'm ready to taking those medicine from Yabu-sensei.

"Did your father wrote about your relationship with your older brother?"

"I don't know. Why are you asking me that?"

"Nandemonai. I just feel like you and your older brother are somehow connected but too afraid to be caught together. I don't know either, it's just my point of view"

"Hmm, as you said so, I'm so curious about it. I've been separated from my older brother since I was 4 and I live with my mom afterward, but it only lasted till I was 16 years old before she entered the mental hospital and Yabu-sensei diagnosed her with bipolar disorder. Both my mom and my late father were rarely seeing each other, but my older brother and I were in the same school so we met almost every day. And when he was graduated from elementary school, he moved to Osaka. Since then, we haven't talked to each other. It was 3 years ago when I met him unexpectedly at Harajuku Station. And of course, it was 3 years ago since he knew that my mom is now in a mental hospital and he really shocked to heard that"

Daichan nods his head, again, as I finished talking. I know that he didn't know what to reply since my life was totally a mess before I met him. I might be sound so pathetic in front of him right now, but I don't care.


(11 years old Inoo Kei)

"Mom, here I made you..."

"How many times I should tell you that you don't have to be so kind with me, Kei?! I didn't even buy you proper clothes and meal!"

"But, mom, you're always come home tired after work. So I made this keychain to cheer you up"

"You don't need to, Kei! Oh God, if you were Hikaru you wouldn't do such a thing! Throw it away! I don't need that! You don't have to pity me like that!"

(13 years old Inoo Kei)


"Where have you been?! It's 11 pm already and you just got home?!"

"I...I...I'm doing a part-time job at my friend's restaurant"

"Oh, so, now you're underestimating your own mother for being unable to give you a proper life, huh?"

"It's not like that, mom. I just want to help you because you seem so tired doing all kind of part-time job, so I want to help you"

"Oh, so, now you're comparing me to your father? That famous writer?"

"It's not like that, mom..."

"Then why do you work as a part-timer?! It's like I'm not giving you a life you deserve! Quit that job!"

(15 years old Inoo Kei)

"I wish I could throw you away, Kei. I wish you doesn't exist because I'm not a good mother to you. I was so ashamed of myself having such a very kind son like you. Ne, Kei, don't you wish I wasn't your mom, do you?"

"Mom, please stop saying that. I love you for who you are"

"No. You're a liar. You just like your father. A liar. If it was Hikaru, he would answer me honestly. Hikaru doesn't love me because he knows I'm not a good mother to him. He never comes to see me for these years. Not even once"

niichan is now in Osaka with dad"



"Why are you still alive, Kei? Don't you want to die? Just go back to heaven so it will be only me living this unworthy life. Just die, Kei. Please die for me. Or if you don't want to, just let me die"

"Mom, please stop. Please don't say that again"


It's been a month since the Yabu-sensei telling me not to visit my mom as often as I used to. Since she knows that Hikaru-niichan moved to Australia, she becomes so sensitive and could easily attack anyone who gets closer to her, even one of the nurses who's taking care of her. But sometimes, she gets so quiet for days and doesn't want to talk to anybody. Yabu-sensei have to increase the drugs' intake. He even changed the second-line injection drugs with the higher dose than he usually gives to his patients because of that.

"But I'm a bit afraid to increased the first-line drug because it has a high risk of toxicity effect. So I think I'm going to combine one or two second-line drugs with the higher dose to reduce the symptoms. And I'm going to make sure that it would be less of side-effects. Besides, the second-line drugs I'm giving to Inoo-san are still antipsychotic and mood stabilizer. Are you okay with that, Inoo-kun?"

"As long as it reduces the symptoms, then I'm okay with that, Yabu-sensei. I know nothing about the drugs, anyway"

"Okay, then. I just want you to know that I'm going to change Inoo-san's second-line medications to a higher dose. And, please don't come here until I call you back later. I'm not really sure, but, you can't visit her for the next two whole weeks. I'm afraid that her condition would be worse if..."

"I know it already, Yabu-sensei. Jaa, I will always be waiting for your next phone call telling me that I can finally visit my mom as often as I used to"

"Okay. I'm sorry for doing this to you. Jaa ne, Inoo-kun"

Yabu-sensei hangs up the phone. Daichan still looking at me worriedly, and he always being like that every time Yabu-sensei calling me.

"Another warning for not visiting your mom?"

Daichan speaks up. He exactly knows what was just happened. I hold his hand then smile.

"Daijoubu, Daichan. It's for her own good. Well, it's actually for our own good. Yabu-sensei doesn't want me to see my mom being in a super dangerous manic phase like that again"

He immediately hugs me as he let go of my hand. So tight yet so warm. If could press the pause button of my life, I'm going to pause this and let me enjoy this moment as long as I want. Suddenly, Yabu-sensei's words strike my mind again.

"He won't regularly appears in front of you again. Well, he's not going to completely gone from your mind, but you have to ignore him if you want to have your normal life again"


So here I am, sitting with Daichan on a bench at the park near my flat. Watching the people passing by, and sometimes laughing at each other. There are few people who pin their eyes to their cell phone. I don't know, maybe they are reading the latest news about some ikemen actors they know, or maybe it's a news about the 2020 Olympics. My eyes are like screening every one of them, trying to guess which he or she had 'suffered' more than I do.


My eyes stopped at a little boy hugging a brown-covered book just like mine. He's looking straight into my eyes with no smile, not even a grin. He waves his hand twice, asking me to come to his side. I scrunch my eyes as I can't believe what I see. We're about 6 meters apart, but I know exactly that he's looking at me.

"Ne, ne, Daichan, do you see a little boy over there?"

I point my finger to where the little boy is standing.

"Yeah, I can see him. Is he lost or something? Should we take him to the nearest police station? His mother must be looking for him right now!"

"Un, let's take him to the police station"

We stand up together to reach the boy, but as we arrived there, he laughs, turns back, then run away, still hugging his brown-covered book. Daichan looks so confused that he just keep staring at me.

"Ah, maybe he just wants someone to play with him. Or maybe he finally remembers where was the last time his mother told him to wait for her. Let's go, Daichan"

I take Daichan's hand as we walk slowly and blends into the crowd.

"Inoochan, I've seen the book before. It's like yours! The one that Hikaru-niichan gave to you"

"I thought so. Does my father remarry after the divorce and his new wife gave birth to a boy? I don't know. Or maybe it's just a brown-covered book, another brown-covered book, totally different from mine. You know that my father's name is hand-written in a gold tint"

"Umm, it might be so, Inoochan"

"Ah, mou ii yo. We still have another thing to be thought"

Daichan laughs as we are now in front of my flat's door.


*Knock knock*

*Knock knock*

"Inoochan, Inoochan, wake up! There's someone knocking your door! Inoochan!"

I open my eyes unwillingly because Daichan shook my body so hard. Daichan keeps pointing his finger to the door to let me open it.

"It might be a postman! It might be a mail from Hikaru-niichan! Ne, Inoochan! Hayaku!"

I'm clicking my tongue as I'm walking to the front door.

"Hai, chotto matte kudasai!"

I open the door and widen my eyes afterward. All I see is the same little boy as I saw yesterday, still holding the same brown-covered book, with the same facial expression, the same clothes, and everything was just exactly the same as yesterday.

"I'm sorry, but, who are you, little boy?"

I kneel down to touch his shoulder, then smiling wide to him. He just shakes his head fast.

"You don't want to tell me your name?"

He keeps on silent. I heard footsteps behind my back as Daichan now standing together with me, have no idea what to do or another thing to asks to that boy.

"Umm, where is your house? Do you live near here?"

He shakes his head. Again. He drops the book after that, staring at me, then hugs me. What's wrong with this little boy? I look at Daichan with a very confused-like kind of stare.

"I love you, Inoo-niichan"

"Eh? How did you know my name?"

He remains silent. He's now done with the hug, put back the brown-covered book, then turns his back and run away. Not even throwing a smile to us.

"Ne, Inoochan, he's strange, doesn't he?"


Yabu-sensei is scrunching his eyes, listen carefully to everything comes out from my mouth. He's like observing every word I've said. Sometimes he nods his head while saying 'and then?'. I really tell him everything, every single detail of what Daichan's did and said. I also tell him about the little boy that I've seen recently.

"Where does the boy live?"

"I don't know. He doesn't look like he's living in the neighborhood"

"Have you ever met his mother or his family?"

"No. None of them. I think he's just a strange little boy and looking for a friend to play with. I don't mind to play with him, tho. He's cute anyway. The only problem is, he never smile. Never"

Yabu-sensei nods as he politely asking me to continue. He takes some notes during the conversation on a medical record in front of him.

"That's it, Yabu-sensei. That's how my past two weeks goes by"

"Okay. Let's evaluate you again next two weeks. Don't hesitate to call me if you feel something strange about your surrounding"

I nod my head as a head, then leaving Yabu-sensei's office. As usual, Daichan is sitting on the bench next to the front door. I lend a hand to him, signaling him that I'm done with my business. He reached it, then smile happily.


Professor Takaki canceled the meeting so I have nothing to do this afternoon. I just walking around my flat, trying to find an inspiration of what should I do. Daichan is sitting there at his favorite corner, watching television. I suddenly remember that I haven't finished reading my father's book. I continue reading from the latest part I read.

5 minutes, 10 minutes flies so fast. I'm now reading the part that titled 'The Postponed Hope'. Since my dad was a very famous writer, of course, he's using so many beautiful words that make the book looks more like a novel instead of a diary. The first, second, third paragraph still seems familiar. It must be a story of my mom when she was pregnant and I'm sure that the baby my father mentioned in the story was me. But the next paragraph makes me think twice as I read it.


....then that's it. That's how the story of our postponed hope begins. My wife suddenly felt uncomfortable and her body became sweaty. She kept holding her stomach, seems like she was in a great pain. "I think I can't hold the baby anymore, honey" was the only sentence that causing my chaotic mind. I pulled up her skirt a little bit, and the blood already streamed down. I called an ambulance and took her immediately to the hospital...
...the doctor said that I had to choose whom to be saved. I chose my wife because she was only in her 35 weeks of pregnancy...
...they ended up aborted the baby, or let's say the fetus, inside my wife's belly. I chose that because I still have my two little princes at home; 3 years old Yaotome Hikaru and 1 year old Yaotome Kei. And I think it's okay to let go of my third prince...

I was really shocked when I read that. Both of my parents never told me about that incident. Well, or maybe they didn't have the time to tell me that because 3 years after they divorced and I ended up being separated with my older brother and my father. I closed the book, and still not believing what I've just read. I know that Hikaru-niichan read the book first because it belongs to my father, and in fact, my older brother lived with him afterward. But, how dare my older brother didn't tell me about that? Did the 'lost' make my mom be 'her' at the moment?

"Doushitano, Inoochan?"

Daichan walks slowly to the place where I'm sitting now. I look at him while holding his hand.

"I found something shocked"

I tell him everything about what I've just read. The fact that my little brother was aborted on his 35 weeks and my father chose my mother instead of him, the fact I'm not their youngest child.


I can see the little boy, the usual one, standing at the corner of the street holding his brown-covered book. He recently became so strange. He's following me everywhere I go. Even Daichan thinks the same. We often go to the very crowded street, moving from one place to another, crossing the street to get to the place we want, and he still there. And actually, I'm a little bit afraid of him because he keeps following me. Daichan told me to call Yabu-sensei, and besides, I have no one to rely on, except Yabu-sensei. We go to the nearest public phone and call him.

"Moshi-moshi, Yabu-sensei. This is Inoo Kei"

"Oh, Inoo-kun. Is there anything wrong?"

"Remember the little boy I told you? He keeps following me, Yabu-sensei. I'm a little bit afraid"

"Where did you see him?"

"Almost in every corner of the street"

"Even on a train?"

"Yes! Even on a train!"

"Okay, Inoo-kun. Calm down, calm down. Now go straight to my office and let's talk about this, okay?"



[to be continued]

HAAAAAAH the 5th chapter~ finally~ x'D
Whoops, I added another plot hahaha. I think it's not going to finish at chapter 7 tho. I'm afraid there would be the 10th chapter of more D;
By the way, I'm planning to write the 6th chapter after this so I might post the next chapter tomorrow~ x3
Jaa, matta ne~
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