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Title: In The End, There Were None [Chapter 6]
Pairing: InooDai (Inoo centric) and mentions Hey!Say!JUMP's members.
Words Count: 2,321
Genre: Psychological(?), Romance, A bit of angst, Slice of life
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Grammatical errors. English is not my mother language D:
Disclaimer: The title is inspired by Inoo Kei's recent drama, but the whole story is completely different. I only own the plot.
Summary: Something seems wrong with Inoo; everyone tells him that he is sick, but he doesn't feel the same way. He is fine, completely fine. Only Daichan, a beautiful man he met a month ago, who agrees with Inoo.

"Okay. You told me earlier that there is a little boy who keeps following you, and okay, Daichan. Now, could you please tell me how was the first time you met the boy?"

"I was sitting on a bench at the park near my flat with Daichan, then suddenly I saw a little boy staring at me. I thought he lost so we decided to go to the place he was standing then took him to the nearest police station. But when few steps ahead of where he was, he ran away from us. I didn't really mind it, but a few days later he came to my flat. He even knows my name, Yabu-sensei. And the days after, I always seeing him everywhere. Daichan can see him too"

Yabu-sensei sighing while resting his back on his chair. He bows his head down then clicking his tongue. Okay. Something bad is going to happen soon.

"Yappari, Inoo-kun. You've seen the second Daichan"

" Masaka...."

"Ne, Inoo-kun. I think your symptom is getting worse and worse. That little boy you see only exists in your mind. He isn't real, Inoo-kun. He's just like Daichan. If you keep being afraid like this, you will scream uncontrollably in public and of course, they will judge you. No. I don't want it to happen!"

"So what should I do to make it go away?"

Yabu-sensei stays silent for a moment. He seems so hard to make a sound. He crosses his hand and put his chin on top of it.

"There's no other way, Inoo-kun"


Yabu-sensei stays silent, again, before he speaks up 4 seconds later.

"You have to take the medicine. If you don't want to, you are welcomed to stay here"

"....ya...yada yo...."

"Inoo-kun, please listen to me. You are afraid of the boy who keeps following you, right? If you take the medicine, he won't follows you as often as he used to. I want to make your brain to stop being triggered, Inoo-kun. It's for your own good!"

"But, Daichan...."

"Of course, it will affect him. He won't appear as often as he does. But if you keep living under pressure and fear like this, you will hurt yourself, then. Inoo-kun, you're like my little brother. I'm trying to protect you for the rest of my life. You have no one to rely on, Inoo-kun. So please, rely on me! I don't want you to be like your mom. You're lucky that I diagnosed you earlier than your mom"

"I...I don't want him to go..."

"He's not going anywhere, Inoo-kun. He's just won't appear as often as he does. He would still be there"

My eyes are now reddened because of the tears. I know that this day will come, but I'm not ready yet. I usually wake up next to him, kissing his sweet lips, walking through the street together, holding his hand, everything. I love him. I really do. I'm just not ready yet. No. Not now. Not this time.

"Please stop crying, Inoo-kun. Here I give you the prescribe of the medicine. I will pay for it, okay?"

Yabu-sensei puts the prescribe on the table. 'Clozapine' and his signature are written on it. I stare it while keeps repeating 'what should I do?' in my mind.

"Let me explain first. This is the antipsychotic type medication. It helps you reduce your hallucinations. But remember, you have to take the medicine based on my prescription only. Do you understand, Inoo-kun?"


"My name is Daiki. Arioka Daiki"

"Umm, I'm Kei. Inoo Kei"

"I know it already! Stop being so formal! We are friends, aren't we?"


"Yes! We've been friends since a long time ago!"


"Daichan, you won't leave me, will you?"

"How many time should I tell you that I won't leave you,


"I love you,


I'm now in my campus' cafeteria, reading tons of book about my thesis. I'm doing a research about something. Professor Takaki told me to read more and more books so my thesis will be perfect. Besides, he promises me to promote my research plan to some of the big companies so if my research plan is useful for them, or at least could help them improving the company more, they will ask me to team up with them and doing the research together. They will also fully-funded my research. I was so happy to hear that and now here I am, in a library being too excited of what Professor Takaki's just said earlier. Daichan sitting in front of me and keep staring at me for about 2 minutes.

"Mou, Inoochan. Don't be too serious. Let's go home. I really want to talk to you~"

Daichan pouts. I write something in my book.

"Just 10 more minutes, my Daichan. I'm all yours after that~"

I look at him while giving him my book and shows him that. He smiles back at me.

"Hai, hai. I'll be waiting~"

I was taking some notes from the book I read then suddenly...

"Yo, freaky boy~"

Yamada hits my shoulder then sitting next to me, while Yuto and Keito are standing behind me. Chinen is sitting next to Yamada. I'm trying to keep my mouth shut and ignore them. I keep reading as Yuto starts messing with my hair and Keito hugs my shoulders from behind.

"Hanashite, yo!"

I can't stand what they did to me just now. Daichan is sitting in front of me and of course, he'd get jealous. I look at Daichan. He just sitting there in silent, staring at me who's now being bullied by 4 people.

"Please stop it, guys. Please stop it..."

Daichan suddenly speaks up. He stands up from his chair, trying to stop Yamada and his comrades. But since he only exists in my mind, there's no way Yamada, Yuto, Keito, and Chinen would hear him.

"Ara, ara, looks like this guy is brave enough, Keito~"

Yuto's provocative words make Keito hugs my shoulders tightly. It's so hurt, for real. Yuto keeps messing with my hair and Yamada is now holding both of my hands.

"Ne, Chinen, take a look what he wrote~"

Chinen put my book and starts reading everything I wrote.

"Ne, Yamachan, take a look at this! 'Just 10 more minutes, my Daichan. And I'm yours after that~' yappari he's crazy! We don't even have someone named Daichan around here!"

They're all laughing. I said 'give it back to me!' but it seems he wouldn't hear it since their laugh is too loud. Everyone in the cafeteria is looking at us, but none of them seems likely to help me.

"Please, stop it. Please, just stop it..."

Daichan keeps repeating that words. He's now standing in front of Yuto, who's now holding the book. He's trying to reach the book, but he can't because Yuto is so tall. My eyes got teary seeing what Daichan did to me.

"Please stop it, Daichan. They can't see you, anyway. Just stop it Daichan!"

I can't hold my tears anymore. Yamada and his comrades are so happy seeing me sobbing like that.

"Such a cry baby! Let's go, minna!"

Yamada dropped the book on the floor then left me. I put it back gently to the table, still crying. Daichan sitting next to me then hugs my waist so tight.

"I'm sorry, Inoochan. I'm sorry..."

I cry harder as Daichan keep saying that. I want to hug him back but I can't. I just let my tears streaming down till my glasses becomes so wet because of it.

"Stop saying that, Daichan. It's not your fault..."


"Ne, Inoochan, that little boy is still following us, what should we do?"

Daichan holding my hands tightly as he keeps looking back to see the boy.

"Don't look at him, Daichan. You will be fine with me"

I'm trying to calm himself, but in fact, I'm already freaking out inside.

"Let's walk faster, Daichan"


As I've already predicted, I can't sleep tonight. Daichan is sleeping beautifully beside me. I take a look at the night sky through the windows that covered with a curtain. Yappari, I can't live without Daichan. I don't know what would I be without him. I've just known him for almost 6 months, but I feel like I've known him forever. I take a look at the medicine on the table beside my bed. If I don't eat it, then that little boy will keep following me everywhere I go. But if I eat that, my hallucination will be reduced so it means, I won't see Daichan as often as these days. It always brings me to tears every time I remember it.

"He won't regularly appears in front of you again. Well, he's not going to completely gone from your mind, but you have to ignore him if you want to have your normal life again"

It's Yabu-sensei's words. Again and again. It stuck in my mind, like, the more I try to forget it, the more it sticking to my brain.

"Yada, yo..."

I'm starting to cry again. I cover my face with my hands so I won't wake Daichan up.

"There's no way I can ignore him..."

Suddenly, Daichan opens his eyes. He caught me crying, and immediately wake up. He's now sitting in front of me, looking into my eyes.

"Look at me, Inoochan"

I'm staring at his eyes, but yappari, I can't. Every time I stare at his eyes, the more tears comes down. Now I'm sobbing loudly in front of Daichan.


He cut down the distance between us then start to kiss my lips, gently. His hands fits perfectly on both of my cheeks. I put my hands around his neck to gently kiss him back, a sweet one.

"I love you, Daichan"

"I love you too, Inoochan"



I yelled so loud at the train station. I can't stand it anymore since the boy keeps following us everywhere. He even gets closer to us. I was so freaking afraid of him then I yelled that spontaneously. Everyone in the train station is looking strangely towards me. I get back to reality then realizing how I stupid it was. I close my eyes then walks faster. I could hear them mumbling and it must be about what have just happened. Daichan is still holding my hands tightly. He looks back sometimes just to make sure that the little boy is not following us anymore.

"Inoochan, Inoochan, he keeps following us!"

Daichan tightens the way he holds my hand.

"Just let him be, Daichan. It's okay. And by the way, sorry for what I did earlier"

"But how if he's trying to attack us?"

"With that brown-covered book? It's impossible, Daichan. Daijoubu, daijoubu"

Daichan lay his head on my shoulders while waiting for the train to come.


My mind is now stuck between two choices: should I eat the medicine, or not. If I don't take the medicine, that little boy will always be following me, well, us, everywhere we go. If I take the medicine, that little boy will 'gone' but Daichan is going to be the same. I look at Daichan who is now sitting on his favorite chair, then walks toward him. I hug him from behind.

"I'm sorry for doing this to you, Daichan..."

My voice is getting tremble. I slowly take the medicine to my mouth, reaching the nearest mineral water, then gulps the medicine. Daichan is looking at me innocently.

"Why are you crying, Inoochan?"

I hug him back, tighter than before. As long as I still can see him, I'd never let him go. Not even one centimeter. I'm trying to hold back the tears, but again, it was a total failure.

"Ne, Inoochan, you are crying. What happened?"

Daichan keeps looking at me innocently. I let a few drop of tears make Daichan's shoulders wet, and he doesn't seem to care about it. I can't make a sound, like, really. How should I put it into words?

I keep my mouth shut for a while, but then...

"I'm sorry, Daichan. I ate the medicine. I took it just now..."


"That's why I want to hug you tight like this. I want to claim that you are mine. I actually don't know what happen with my mind, I don't care if I'm sick or what, I just want to hug you. I don't want to be separated with you. I still want to see you every day. I want you to be here, every day. I...I just...."


"I just can't live my life without you! If someday I won't see you often, I don't want to ignore you, Daichan!"

Daichan stays silent while I'm crying and sobbing hardly.

"How could this happen to me, Daichan? How?"


"Ohayou Daichan?"


"Daichan, where are you?"


I looking for him everywhere. I even go outside my flat at 6 am in the morning just to find Daichan. I run to the park we used to go, but he's nowhere to be found. I run to our favorite the ramen shop, but he's not there either. My eyes got teary because of this. I keep searching for him everywhere, even to the place we haven't go there yet. I keep running then I suddenly remember...

"He won't regularly appears in front of you again. Well, he's not going to completely gone from your mind, but you have to ignore him if you want to have your normal life again"

He won't regularly appears in front of you again.

I stop walking immediately. My legs become so tremble and it collapses after that. Now I'm kneeling under a tree, realizing something I don't want to realize.

This is the first phase of the medicine's effects.

It's happening.

It's really happening.

He's not here beside me.




[to be continued]

LOL 2 chapters in one day HAHAHAHA kind of revenge because I was soooo busy these past weeks and now I wrote 2 chapters in one day. In one go. LOL thanks to my brain it didn't get stuck since I write the 5th chapter until now.
Hmm, still got soooo many things to be revealed in the next chapter~ x3
P.S: sorry for making Inoochan looks soooo melancholic in this fic. D;
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