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Title: In The End, There Were None [Chapter 7]
Pairing: InooDai (Inoo centric) and mentions Hey!Say!JUMP's members.
Words Count: 3,071
Genre: Psychological(?), Romance, A bit of angst, Slice of life
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Grammatical errors. English is not my mother language D:
Disclaimer: The title is inspired by Inoo Kei's recent drama, but the whole story is completely different. I only own the plot.
Summary: Something seems wrong with Inoo; everyone tells him that he is sick, but he doesn't feel the same way. He is fine, completely fine. Only Daichan, a beautiful man he met a month ago, who agrees with Inoo.

It's not him who's leaving me, it's all my fault. I made him left. It's all my fault.

I've been walking around the street for about 3 hours, moving from one place to another, from the east to the west, from people sitting soundly with their colleagues eating breakfast till the lunch break, and yet, I see no appearance of Daichan. My eyes still red and teary, trying to hold my tears from falling.

This is not the end that I want. No. This is definitely not what I want.

I keep searching and searching but I found nothing. I'm trying to close my eyes for 3 seconds, and open it again, but Daichan is still nowhere to be caught by my eyes. I keep walking for the next 30 minutes, my head keeps looking to the left, right, even looking back just to find him. I know him so well, it's impossible if I can't recognize his voice.

I'm about to give up. I really want to be home right now, take the sleeping pills, and sleeping all day or maybe until tomorrow morning because maybe Daichan will be back here again. I want to bury my face in my pillow, crying through the day till I'm tired and fall asleep.

But suddenly...


I know this voice! I know this so well! I take a look at the source of the voice, trying to guess where he is.

"Daichan? Daichan? Is that you? Where are you?"

I'm walking faster to the where the voice at.


It's him! It's really him! But he's nowhere to be found. The voice is there but not the person. The more I try to reach the voice, the more it sounds further than before. I keep running while screaming Daichan's name loudly. Sometimes I can see him in the middle of the crowd, but it has gone in a blink of an eye.


Now I'm really giving up. The day is getting darker and everything I did today seems to be unuseful. It's just the voice that I heard. Well, maybe I need to wait for a longer time to see him again. I slowly open the front door of my flat, close it back, taking off my shoes then walk into my bed.

"Okaerinasai, Inoochan"

How surprised I am while seeing Daichan is there, sitting there at his favorite spot, putting his sweetest smile.


I hug him then kissing his lips roughly. It feels like forever even though it's just a day without him. Daichan kisses me back while locking his fingers to my neck. We break the kiss since we need some oxygen to be inhaled. Our eyes are now staring at each other, while Daichan's fingers still fit perfectly on my neck.

"I miss you, Daichan"

Daichan replies me with a peck on my lips.

"I'm here, Inoochan. I'm not going anywhere"

I hug him again in silent. I know that I can't let him go even just for a day like this.

"I'm sorry, Daichan"

"What are you apologizing for?"


"What do you mean by everything? Don't be silly, Inoochan. You've done nothing wrong"

I don't know what to say anymore. I keep repeating the word 'sorry' while hugging him. I don't know how long can I bear with this; the fact that he won't appear as often as before. I'm still afraid of 'losing' him. And I think, this fear will always be like this.


Today is not actually a good day because the medicine's effect is still there. I woke up alone this morning, and Daichan is, again, nowhere to be found.

"It's the effect again, ne~"

I put a bitter smile on my face because my face turns it into tears. I still can't stand this.

Don't be like a kid, Kei! You have to bear with it!

I walk to the only couch in my from, a place where Daichan used to sit. I kneel on my feet, then leaning my body onto it. I can feel like Daichan is here, patting my head and brushing the hair while laying it on his lap. I cry harder before cursing myself about taking up the medicine. I stand back to put the medicine and walking to the nearest trash bin, but then I remember that if I don't take the medicine, the little boy will always following me like a stalker. I click my tongue as sobbing my body harder than before. I hold tight the medicine's pack before throw it to my bed and screaming.



"Are you ready to meet your mom, Inoo-kun?"

I nod my head as a yes. It's been so long since the last time I saw her.

"Jaa, let's go"

Yabu-sensei turns his back then walk slowly to the isolation room. I follow him few steps behind. I don't know what would my mom do to me this time, but I must be ready for everything that would possibly happen. Yabu-sensei had told me that she is okay right now, but it doesn't mean I need to loosen up my guard. He told me to always be ready for everything because she might be still attacking everyone around her, but not as dangerous as before. Actually, my mom has been moved to the new room since the first one is close to the entrance of the isolation room, and he afraid when my mom starts to scream uncontrollably again, she will make other patient freaks out and following her to scream. Yabu-sensei won't let that kind of chaos happens because when it happens at night, there will be only 3 guards in this isolation rooms, so he moved her to a further room, the one small alley in the back of the isolation room which is separated about 10 meters between each room.

"Inoo-san, how are you today?"

Yabu-sensei starts the conversation with a smile on his face, but my mom only stares at his eyes in silent. Yabu-sensei told me to stand aback for about 2 meters from where he stands.

"Do you remember him? He is your son, Inoo Kei"

Yabu-sensei walks toward me then let me stand beside him, only a few centimeters from where my mom sits. She looks pale, and so messed up. She keeps her mouth shut and not doing anything harmful to both of us.

"My son?"

It's the only words that came up from her mouth. She stands up then walking to the door while laying her body to the trellis. She put out her hand, trying to reach me. Yabu-sensei quickly pulls me back, avoiding my mom to do a dangerous thing like before. But instead of doing anything harmful, she just keeps trying to reach me.

"Come here, Hikaru, my boy"

"He is not Hikaru, Inoo-san. He is Kei, your youngest son"

When she heard that, he immediately pulls back her hand, and walks back to where she sits. And how surprised I am to see the little boy again, standing there at the corner of my mom's room. I grasp Yabu-sensei's hand and pointing my finger to the corner of my mom's room.

"Sensei, sensei! It's the boy I told you yesterday! He's there, Yabu-sensei! He's still holding that book! Sensei! Sensei!"

"Calm down, Inoo-kun, okay? Let's get out of here"

Yabu-sensei trying to pull me up and drag me out of here. He holds my shoulders tightly, then telling the nurses to take care of my mom while he is going to handle me.

"But, sensei, he's there! He's over there!"

"I know, Inoo-kun. Let's talk about this in my office"

And that's it, I told Yabu-sensei about the book and everything inside it. I haven't read it till the last page, but I know that the book must be filled with my late father's point of view of my family. Yabu-sensei told me to take the book to him tomorrow, so maybe he would get some clue about me and mom. Honestly, since the first time my mom registered to this hospital, our family background seems so blurry. The 16-years-old me brought my mom here with nothing to tell about family background. Yabu-sensei treating her for almost 10 years but he knows nothing about my family background. Well, I don't know either. They divorced when I was so young, and I don't even remember how my father looks like.


"Okay, Inoo Kei-san. It's enough for today. Don't forget to read the book I suggested you today. I always welcome you whenever you need an advice about your thesis"

"Yes, Professor Takaki. Thank you so much. Shitsureishimasu"

I bow my head then walked out of Professor Takaki's room. It's 5 pm already and everyone seems to go home already. I'm looking up to the orange sky above through the window while walking on the campus' corridor. I'm slowing my pace as my eyes enjoying the perfect scenery.

"Ah, Daichan must be so happy if he saw this. He really loves orange-colored sky"

I continue to walk because the day is getting darker and I need to be home as soon as possible. It's been like forever since the last time I saw him. As far as I remember, I haven't seen him since the last time I visit my mom and after that, I only heard his voice but he was nowhere. I heard his voice on the train, in the park we used to go, even during my common days at the campus' library while I was busy reading the book. It's really frustrating to be in this situation, for real. If I could scream, then I would scream his name loudly; so loud that the entire Tokyo would hear my sound of sorrow. The only one person I run into is Yabu-sensei, for now. I'm going to the nearest public phone and call his number, then starts crying.

"What happened, Inoo-kun? Are you crying again?"

I'm still sobbing hard and I can't even speak up a word, so the silence takes the role. I only hear Yabu-sensei's breathe over the telephone's handle.

"Ne, Yabu-sensei, can I stop eating up the medicine you gave me? I can't hold myself anymore. I need Daichan, I need him so much. I have no one to talk to at home. Onegai, Yabu-sensei!"

"But, Inoo-kun, you know the consequences, don't you?"

"I know it, Yabu-sensei. But, I just can't help myself..."

And here I am, at the public phone being a teary useless piece of shit.


Today was so freaking tiring. I went to some places to put samples for my research. I haven't eaten anything since I left home this morning and the sun is now exchanged with the moon. I rest my head to the window of the train, straightening up my legs, and crossing both arms between the window and my head. The latest train's seats are always empty so I can do pretty much everything I want. I think I'm going to fall asleep because there are only 10 people on the train and they're all busy with their cellphones before I hear a familiar smooth voice calling my name in front of me.



I stand up from my seat, immediately hug the person I've been missing for like forever.

"Daichan I miss you!"

I'm bursting into tears.

"Inoochan, tadaima~"

Daichan giggles as he hugs me tighter. I miss the way he hugs me. His hands, his hair, his super flawless white skin, everything.

"Okaerinasai, Daichan"

"You must be so tired today, what did you do today?"

I, unfortunately, had to end our cuddling season to seat beside him and telling him everything I did today, about my research, about my empty stomach because I didn't even remember that I haven't put anything in my mouth since this morning, except mineral water. I miss this kind of talk, for sure. We laugh so hard and I realized that people around uswell, me—is looking strangely towards me, as expected. Some of them even take their earphones just to stare at me with those wondering eyes. I keep talking while seeing around the train, and I don't effin care. All I know is, I miss Daichan so much that what's on people's mind don't bother me anymore.


"Moshi-moshi, Inoo-kun?"

"Ah, Yabu-sensei. Is there any important things?"

"Can you meet me at 5 pm this evening? I need to tell you something. And please bring that brown-covered book you told me earlier"

"Eh? That book? Ah, hai, Yabu-sensei"

"Jaa, matta ne, Inoo-kun"

I hang up the phone as I stare at Daichan, then telling him what was just Yabu-sensei said. We both keep staring at each other for about 5 seconds, still wondering why Yabu-sensei asked me to bring the book. Does he know something about the book? Or Hikaru-niichan called him before then told me to bring the book to him? But is that okay if Yabu-sensei read the whole thing in it?

"Just bring the book to him, Inoochan. He might know something"


(On a subway station)

Inoochan, it's the little boy again"

"Ignore him, Daichan. Just hold my hand if you're afraid"

Inoochan, he keeps following us, I'm afraid"

"Daijoubu, Daichan. You'll be fine with me beside you"

"What should we do then?"

"Just keep walking, Daichan"

(5 minutes later)

Inoochan, he's gone"

(2 minutes later)

Inoochan! Watch out! In front of you!"

"WHY ARE YOU KEEP FOLLOWING US?! I'm trying to be nice to you little boy, but you really pissed me off! If you want something from us, then just asks us!"

"It's enough
Inoochan, no matter how hard you try, he wouldn't speak"


Yabu-sensei is sitting in front of me with a very serious face. I've never seen him being this serious before. His face is just too scary to stare, it's like he is going to eat me up. I precisely know it's not something that sounds great to hear.

"Inoo-kun, is that true that you yelled so loud at the subway station around Shinjuku 3 days ago?"

Eh? How did Yabu-sensei know that? Is there anyone who recognized me that time? I gulped before I try to speak.

"Umm, etto..."

"Just tell me the truth, Inoo-kun"

"....hai, Yabu-sensei. I yelled at that little boy because he keeps following us, I mean, Daichan and I"

"And, he still brings that book?"

"Yes, he brings it everywhere. It's like he's going to tell us something but he just keep following us everywhere we go and said nothing. He didn't even try to, though"

Yabu-sensei sighs as he bows his head. Oh no, this is not good. Yappari, someone caught me at the subway station.

"To tell you the truth, one of my nurses saw you. She was trying to stop you, but you run away, and your hand was like, umm, holding someone's hand. He called me immediately after that. She said that the whole station staring at you, and a girl even hugged her mother tight because she was so afraid of you, Inoo-kun"

Okay. Okay. I'm now like being caught by a police as a number one and most dangerous criminal in Japan, taken to a place so they can interrogate me, asking me anything related to the crime I've done. I don't know what to say since my lips are too heavy to open and spit out a word.

"I told you to ignore it, didn't I?"

"I know Yabu-sensei, but..."

"Inoo-kun, if you keep doing that, you'd be more awkward and people will judge you. You know that every time you do that, the people around you will look at you strangely and take a step back from you. So please, Inoo-kun, please. Please ignore them, both the little boy and Daichan"

"Eh? Daichan also?"

"You want to have a normal life, right? Then just do as I say"

I keep my mouth shut. Well, I haven't 'met' Daichan since this morning, and I think he wouldn't 'appear' for today. So I just nod my head, but still, I don't know if I could do that thing or not; ignoring Daichan.

"Okay, just forget about it. Do you bring the book? May I take a look?"

I give him the book. Yabu-sensei starts to open the book and turns its page from one to another.

"Do you mind if I read it, Inoo-kun?"

I shake my head as a sign that I don't really mind if he reads it, the whole of it. Besides, there's no one willing to read it except me, and, maybe, Hikaru-niichan. It's been 5 minutes Yabu-sensei reading the book. Well, he doesn't read it from sentences to sentences actually, it seems he just read the point of anything written in the book.

"Eh? What is this?"

Yabu-sensei seems to find something. Please, God, I hope it's not anything related to my childhood, or my bad habits when I was just a little boy.

"Do you know who is this boy?"

Yabu-sensei shows me a picture of a little boy standing in front of an elementary school with his bike beside him. I take a look properly to the photo, and I can't believe my eyes. I feel so shocked because I didn't know that there's a photo between the pages. The photo seems to be so old because it turns blurry already, but I still recognized the boy on the photo clearly.

"S-S-Sensei, it's the little boy! It's the little boy, sensei! It's definitely him! Machi ga inai!"

Yabu-sensei seems to be shocked too. He immediately turns the photo to see what's behind it. Yabu-sensei looks at me. It seems like he is about to reveal a very big secret.

"The little boy you see is actually your father when he was 6 years old"

Yabu-sensei gives me the picture so I can see it myself. My eyes get wider than before. I can't believe what I just heard and what I see.

"Yabu-sensei, you must be lying, right?"

"I'm not lying, Inoo-kun. I bet you didn't read this page yet because the page is empty, nothing is written there. But between those empty pages, this photo was hidden, and it's a picture of your father, or in other words, the little boy you always yelling at"

So, the little boy is my father?

How come?


AAAAAAHHHHH finally chapter 7. I'm sorry for a superrrr laaaate update! TwT being a senior year in university is sooo hard. I've just done with my research, I'm sorry guys! TwT
Yappari, the story doesn't end in chapter 7 lol just please bear with me guys! I hope the story goes as you guys expected, or maybe not hahahahahahaha >:D *evil laugh because I, finally, added another twist in the story* *but I don't know, it seems failed tho*
Okay. I'm going to write the next chapter now!
Jaa, matta neee~ x3
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