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Happy 24th birthday~

Happy birthday our lovely prince of England, Okamoto Keito! Hope you're having a great year ahead and please enjoy the life you're living right now! <3
Lol I made it super aesthetic for Keito. I just feel like making it minimalist (it's my favorite kind of graphic design tho lol) because I've just done designing a minimalist poster for an event so I still have some ideas left, then here comes the super aesthetic Keito! xD
Okay, gotta go back to my flat. It's midnight already and I'm still outside lol if my mom was here she would be so angry D;
Once again, happy birthday, Keito!
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Happy Yuyan's day!
お誕生日おめでとう~ <3

Finally, the editing process is done! Sooo happy~
Ah, my sexy man is now 27 years-old. Please always be our cool yet sweet Yuyan! Hope you're having a great year ahead and be a better person than before~ :3
We will always support you, Takaki Yuya! We love you! <3
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Hello from Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh Province, Indonesia! It's currently 14 degrees celsius here and I forgot to bring my jacket D;
Uwaaa been a long time since the last time I post my 3rd part of my very first fan fiction here!

Sorry for a temporary long hiatus, I'm now outside the city, in the middle of a village in Aceh province to do my community service for a month (in Indonesia we called it KKN or Kuliah Kerja Nyata). I'll be here until February 11th so I think I'm going to continue my fan fiction project in the middle of February. Honto ni gomenasai D;

By the way, I ordered the JUMP's calendar from Indonesian Hey!Say!JUMP's fanbase on December 2016 and arrived 4 days ago. Since I'm away from home, my mom sent me the photos of the calendar. It's not the official one tho, (I have ordered the official one tbh xD ) but the design is really good and I think I need to have one lol. So, here's the preview!

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It's me~
I've been wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet~
To go over, eve—wait.

Sorry I'm just too excited to welcoming 2017 lol xD


Happy new year, minna! Hope this year will be the greatest 2017 for everyone!

I did something useful (not so useful actually, but it helps me to reduce my stress HAHAHA) at the first day of 2017: I made my own handmade paper back covers for my phone! Since I have nothing to do because of the holiday season (well, still struggling with my thesis tho TwT ) so I think I need to 'work' on something.

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